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Sometimes they can call us from different phone numbers. Unfortunately, some of these searches can be made by malicious people. This can sometimes be a phone scammer and sometimes a pervert. When we examine some websites, there are very good platforms where such searches are made and these searches are voted by users. One of them is website. On this site, if you think you've been scammed or offended by a pervert, you can vote or comment to let other users know about this situation. Of course, if other users have participated in the comments and voting before you, you can review the results.

Phone Scams

Draw a multi-user-created voting plan like the one in the picture above. When you click on the screen of the place in this list, you can get planned information on the phone's detail page or participate in the voting. Those who want to make explanations about your phone numbers when they are called.

Phone Track

When you enter the detail page of the phone number you are looking for, the system automatically evaluates the voting results made by the users and shows us whether the phone number we are looking for is reliable. If the majority of the votes are safe, you will see a green line like the one above. Or, if there is a majority in the voting that it is not reliable, the screen above greets us in red this time and informs us that the phone number we are calling is not reliable.

Phone Number Track

In fact, we cannot stop counting the features that this website gives to its users. Area code information is also among the other information provided by this website to its users. For example, when you search for a phone number, you immediately access the area code details of that phone. As can be seen from the screen above, an image welcomes us on the detail page. There is also a button above to query who the phone number you are calling is. When you click this button, you have the opportunity to find out who the phone number you are calling belongs to among millions of records.

Phone Social Media

In order to follow the social media about the phone number you are calling, a screen like the one above welcomes us. From this screen, users can easily query whether the phone numbers they call exist on social media. Because this website makes our job easier and collects it on a single platform and presents it to us.

Mobile Scams

If you really think you have been scammed, this website gives us a lot of information on what to do. Users who wish can follow the path in the light of this information.

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